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Pride Award

The APEAL Pride Award is presented annually to an individual for outstanding achievement or distinguished service in the promotion of Lebanese art and culture, whether at home or abroad. Selection criteria observe rigorous international standards of excellence and professionalism. Individuals who have supported the Arts, financially or otherwise, and who have encouraged artists to persevere in their fields of creativity, are also eligible.

Recipients embody the qualities we cherish and endorse as an organization and not only honor a person of outstanding caliber but one who has also made a difference. APEAL believes that recognizing the achievements of citizens is a vital component of civilization and fosters a culture of encouragement in the art world.

The APEAL Pride Award trophy was designed by Nadim Karam

"This is an award about lives that are growing and blossoming. It is an award about stories - stories of thoughts, memories and dreams emerging from Lebanese soil and intertwining. In their multiplicity, these stories represent us all. This award is symbolic of a lifetime dedicated to art and culture; a lifetime of nurturing those stories, helping them to grow and flourish. A lifetime that has provided hundreds of opportunities for younger generations" - Nadim Karam
The first APEAL Pride Award was presented in 2011 to the long-serving and distinguished curator of the Sursock Museum, Sylvia Agemian. In 2012, Christine Tohme, founder of Ashkal Alwan, was awarded for her commitment to bringing art into the civic sphere and for experimenting with new models of thinking about art that give artists new space and possibility to create.

In 2015, Raymond Audi was the third recipient. A veteran banker and financier, he has made a mark as a philanthropist through his support of artistic causes, institutions and initiatives, as well as his aid to organizations dedicated to the development and exhibition of the arts.

In 2017, businessman and philanthropist Bernard Calil received the award for the outstanding support he has provided for the Beirut Museum of Art.