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The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon (APEAL) is a non-profit organization

dedicated to the promotion of Lebanese art and the encouragement of Lebanese artists, by facilitating their access to the global art world.

Since its foundation in 2008, APEAL has been the driving force behind several major international art initiatives. From Washington DC and London, to Venice and Dubai, APEAL has been working to raise awareness of Lebanese art. The association encourages Lebanese artists by organizing public art commissions, exhibitions and international art exchange programs.

It provides direct assistance in the form of scholarships, which permit the awardee to continue their higher education. To date, APEAL awardees have attended programs at prestigious Lebanese and International universities: AUB, ALBA, USEK, USJ, Cal Arts, HEAD Geneva, MIT, Universite de Montreal, La Sorbonne and Yale.

The association encourages creativity in all its forms and believes in the transformative power of art. A culturally engaged society is one that is constantly recreating itself and whose voice can be heard around the world. With a mandate to nurture Lebanon’s artistic potential, APEAL seeks to play a role in transforming the country into a vibrant, forward-looking, post-conflict society.

In 2015, APEAL decided to deepen its commitment to promulgating Lebanese art to the Diaspora and the world by embarking upon a project of national and international importance: the establishment of a major Modern and Contemporary art museum in Beirut.

Members & Staff

Executive Committee

  • Rita Nammour (President)
  • Sandra Abou Nader (Vice-President)
  • Nada El Khoury (Vice-President)
  • Issam Chammas (Treasurer)
  • Nada Boulos Al Assaad (Secretary)
  • Laura Lahoud
  • Ramez Shehade


  • Diane Abela
  • Nayla Al Assaad
  • Sheikha Rima Al-Sabbah
  • Taline Aynilian Boladian
  • Nora Boustany
  • Liliane Chammas Bridi
  • Rania Daniel
  • Michele Haddad
  • Maya Jalbout
  • Nina Idriss
  • Eli Khoury
  • Rita Maalouf
  • Nicolas Shammas

Apeal USA

  • Rita Nammour (Chairperson)
  • Lili Chopra (President)
  • Thomas Abraham
  • Sandra Abou Nader
  • Sheikha Rima Al-Sabbah
  • Claudia Audi
  • Rania Daniel
  • Daria Daniel
  • Nina Idriss
  • Lara Kairouz
  • Marc Malek
  • Reem Sayegh Najjar
  • Rouweyda Saleh Abou Khatwa
  • Marc Wertheimer